‘Öziş Makine ve Dişli’ is a Manufacturing Company established in 1974. The aim of Company is designing and producing many kind of Machines with high precision, producing Machine Spare Parts and producing Gear Groups. We integrated CNC Milling Machines, CNC Turning Machines, CNC MillTurn Machines and CNC 5 Axis Machines to increase manufacturing speed and quality and to reach Wide Market. Currently we deliver to the customers Engineering, Machine Design and Production, Machine Spare Parts Production and Gear Groups production with CMM high precision measuring.

We recognize the value of our employees and place great emphesis on selecting, developing, supporting and continually improving their knowledge, skills and experience.

Our main goal is to create Customer and Employe Satisfaction and long term business to be able to increase our position in Global Market.

Production Areas:

Textile Machine Spare Parts

Woodworking Machine Parts

Gear Groups-GearBox Designing and Producing-Final Drive Designing and Producing

Hydro Turbines